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Specifities for the organizational development in the digital tranformation job

In the preparation of E20 SUMMIT I rediscovered a good reading in a handbook for organizational development about the competences of OD (organizational development) practitioners by Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge. Though written in 2010 the handbook essentially scopes the challenges of the OD task from a classical understanding of a one-stop change intervention in the organization. It’s […]

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Carsten Rossi

Carsten Rossi: Unternehmen reagieren erst, wenn der Schmerz einsetzt

Für Carsten Rossi beinhaltet eine gute Strategie zum Thema “Social Collaboration” & “Digital Workplace” die Anerkenntnis und Formulierung der unabdingbaren Notwendigkeit der Veränderung, ihre Anbindung an nachhaltige Unternehmensziele und und die Kopplung aller ergriffenen Maßnahmen an messbare Kennzahlen.

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Microsoft Drives Digital Transformation

We are happy to have Microsoft as one of our main sponsors for the event. It shows that one of the biggest brands on our desktop is as devoted to Enterprise 2.0 as we are. Historically Microsoft is a software company, providing a complete software solutions for business and home (operating systems and productivity tools, […]

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How to start the digital transformation initiative?

Complementary to my last post on the urgency to refocus the discussions around “Social” and “Enterprise 2.0” I would like to add some thoughts on the “how-to” for starting the digital transformation initiative. Again to make it clear – the general consensus about the digital transformation is not to implement some “fancy” new technologies or […]

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Nous Sommes Tous Charlie!

With the E20 SUMMIT just around the corner, our thoughts are with the families of the victims of these horrible assassinations in Paris, but also with our friends in Paris that stand and walk up against this terror and inhumanity. While freedom of speech is needed for a good democracy, diversity is needed to overcome retracted thinking […]

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