Yearly Archives: 2015

Essential Reading Series: In the search for digital change capabilities and enablement!

Last week I started a new content format with the objective to share my collected “pearls” forwarded to me gratefully from my network. This weeks pieces are mainly about needed capabilities and enablement measures for the digital transformation. Accenture: Being digital – 7 essential “no-regret” capabilities: 1) Sense and interpret disruption, 2) Experiment to develop […]

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Purpose as the directive for going “networked”

During the research for my blog post on Holacracy I came along a very nice posting of Greg Satell explaining the “4 Things You Should Know About Networked Organizations“. Greg Satell is a thinker and regular writer for Forbes and Harvard Business Review. He is doing quite some nice reviews on the theories of networks. […]

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Recap on the recent discussions about Zappos struggle with Holacracy

Recently there are quite some discussions and reviews on the state of Zappo’s transition towards a self-organized structure by the help of the Holacracy approach. Certainly nobody can expect a transition of this kind taking off without friction. And the “social experiment” as it is stated is not yet at an end at all – […]

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