Customer Focus as Enabler for the Digital Transformation

The recent results of Lecko’s research as well as Jane McConnell’s research on the “Organization in the Digital Age” postulate once more the “customer facing processes” as key driver for the digital transformation. David Edelman of McKinsey published an article in July last year on “how digital marketing operations can transform business“. In this article he and his co-author Jason Heller discussed the impetus of a digital marketing focus on the transformational change within the company. The essence is by truely exploring the customer and aiming for a better customer experience delivery on all customer touchpoints the organisation needs to become more responsive, agile and data-driven – with technology enabling this capabilities.


Ray Wang, Principal Analyst & CEO of Constellation Research, phrased this approach in a recently published interview by Microsoft Envision as the following: “Everyone can get the tech, but refining the business model is the secret to success. We’re in a post sale, on demand, attention economy […] you’ve got to continuously engage in the customer, you’ve got to change the way to transform your engagement experience.”

While the customer focus for transformational change is nothing new for a strategic approach – it is still a mostly overseen enabler in digital transformation programs that have been driven by a inside-out view far too long. Only recently the approaches have been changed to an outside-in view. This will be also the key focus of those best-practices that we are going to discuss on the Future Day / June 1 at the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT.

The session “Lessons Learned from Digital Transformation Initiatives” with Sodexo, Euroclear and Poult Group exemplifies very nicely how the customer focus is driving innovation approaches and justifies the transformational change behing the digital collaboration approaches.