Starship Technologies & autonomous delivery droids of Greenwich as another signal for the disruption

For all those sceptics that see autonomous technology not being reality within the next two or three decades – you are already proven wrong with the “delivery droids” of Starship Technologies starting delivery services in May 2016.

Delivery droids coming to London

(Source: Delivery droids coming to London pavements as soon as next month)

Again – you might say – this is a nice idea for the consumer market. And with visionary CEOs on top like former founders of Skype, Janus Friis and Ahti Heinla, this is as realistic as it is. But for existing company the consequences are not as big as the news sounds. Well – thinking of the “delivery droid” as a platform that enables physical goods to move around cities with an ease surpassed only by data. The starting point of the delivery service has an even bigger impact – especially if we think of the ecosystem that it might enable.

But the key point for me is – that this is another prove that the “technological disruption” is happening today – not in 20-30 years. And we have to discuss the consequences and challenges for the organization today.

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