What’s the Next Enterprise Model & How to Enable the Digital Transformation? #entdigi

The Enterprise Digital SUMMIT / Paris is just around the corner. On June 19 we are happy to welcome a great number of participants and speakers at the UIC-P Espaces Congrès in Paris to discuss the latest insights, ideas and experiences on the “next enterprise model” and how to enable and scale the digital transformation. At the heart of the conference we have again a good number of different case study presentations – from Accor, Zeppelin, Société GénéraleDeutsche BahnVinci, Air Liquide and Albea. Each of these presentations have their own story about how they emerged into the digital evolution and transformation of their companies and organisations.

The overall theme for this year’s conference is “Exploring the Digital Disruption of the Workplace” – according to this our keynotes are discussing the changes that affect the organizational models with the establishment of the digital workplace as the first wave and the new technological enhancements like AI, Conversational Interfaces & Blockchain as the second wave of the digital transformation of the workplace.

Riding the wave of the collaborative workplace transformation

Since 2008 we are discussing the establishment and the impact of collaborative technologies in the workplace – certainly today’s issues is not the technology – but the making use of the technology for the enablement of a more digital and thus agile and flexible organisation. As the digital economy moves towards a platform economy – also the organizations need to align with these new patterns. In this regard the digital workplace has to be discussed as the enabler as well as driver for the realization of the platform-orientated operating model for the organization.

Though technologically supported the establishment of these new operating models are only in a minor sense a technologically issue. Other questions have to be discussed in this regard:

  • Enabling factors for a new mindset & culture
  • Enabling factors for digital competences & individual behavior change
  • Structural elements and enablers for an operating model for an agile organization
  • Success factors for the digital workplace at enterprise scale – still with flexibility for emergence

At the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT / Paris the various case study presentations are discussing their experiences with this changes. Furthermore our after lunch keynotes with Dr. Ursula Schütze-Kreilkamp and Christine Overby look at the enabling factors for a digital mindset as well as the structural elements for a digital operating model.

Exploring the wave of the next technological disruption for the workplace

One of the key issues of collaborative working patterns is the fact that the more information sharing and collaboration actions are established within the organization, the more “noise” is also created in the workspace. Some approaches are trying to solve this problem by establishing a “publish-subscribe model” in their information systems. This entails that the user is enabled to determine the important information ressources (that may be persons, projects or any other informational subject) for their work. In the end the organisation at large cannot really guarante that the individual is proficient enough to select the right subscriptions.

To solve these performance issues of the collaborative working environment the new advancements at the edge of the artificial intelligence, process automation and also conversational interaction systems offer new approaches that may disrupt but at least enhance the workplace:

  • Use of artificial intelligence for information filtering & personalization
  • Use of machine learning for task automation & coordination activities
  • Use of cognitive systems for moderation & gardening
  • Use of blockchain for the automation of transactional business processes
  • Use of conversational systems as a new interface pattern

At the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT / Paris we have some exciting keynote talks with Bruno Berthon and Dinis Guarda that exploring the new technological enhancements and their impact for the workplace organization.

With more than 100 participants from many French and European companies we are looking again forward towards a great discussion and exchange of experience. If we have aroused your interest we kindly invite to register for this conference.

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