Enterprise Digital SUMMIT 2018: Exploring the Digital Transformation of the Organisation for 10 Years!

The re-thinking and re-designing of the organisation for the digital age has gone a long road of discussions that we are proud of being part of – since 2008! So with the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT 2018 we will complete our first decade for the organization of this event (and its successor) and look back at some very memorable gatherings of experts and practioners – coming the long way from the discussion of wikis, tag clouds and corporate social networks to what we today understand as the digital ecosystem of collaboration and networking in the enterprise.

Along the way we had many discussions about technology but also about the enabling factors of the transformation – like the breaking down of a “command & control” structure, the realization of a “social business design” towards today’s vision of the “adaptive model” for the organization, the necessity of the digital enablement of the workforce and the many smaller and larger approaches to gradually changing mindset, culture and organization.

We have learned on the way that there is no such thing as the one and only success strategy – and that the change of the organization itself is a long challenging process with a lot of steps forward and many steps backward at the same time. But the digitalization of the enterprise and therefore also of the organization cannot be stopped – and it’s clearly understood today that the organization has to be changed in order to align with the challenges of the digital age.

Enterprise Digital SUMMIT is coming to London with two events in 2018

The discussions and exchanges on the “how” this has been set in place and realized by the one or the other organization is in many ways still helpful and beneficial – and therefore the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT will also be back in 2018 for some more discussions. We are happy to announce even again two events – with both events now being organized in London. As the discussion is very much divided in two different perspective we have defined two different themes giving emphasis to the different perspectives of the discussion:

Enterprise Digital SUMMIT / London / 05 & 06 June 2018

Digital technologies are re-defining the workplace and the employee experience. The June event of the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT / London discusses the challenges on how to design the digital workplace for the future of the organization.

Enterprise Digital SUMMIT / London / 20 & 21 November 2018

The organisation in a digital age – aka world of VUCA – must be more adaptable but still accountable. The November event of the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT / London discusses the challenges on how to get a mindset for a digital age enabled – by the help of digital technologies – throughout the organization.

The plannings for the events has just begun – and we are already happy to have some first speakers from EDF Energy, Bank of England, Bureau van Dijk and wood. But also confirmations of the all-time expert community of the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT / Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT – like from Jane McConnell & Dion Hinchcliffe. As 2018 will be the anniversary year we are trying to get some more of those long-term experts from past and present events to obtain a clear view on what are the all-time agreed building blocks and what are the yet to be further discussed open issues in driving the transformation initiatives.

Furthermore we are planning some more expert workshops in March and September to support the digital transformation initiatives with some how-to recommendations from the expert side. This all will be supported by our new in place project lead in the UK for the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT.

Therefore we are very excited about 2018 and the next steps for the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT in London!