Digital Workplace as Engagement Hub for the Employee Experience Strategy in 2019

We are approaching the holiday season and everything seems to slow down. Everybody is looking backwards as well as forward to next year’s predictions and trends. This year has brought many changes to the Digital Workplace discussions – with Microsoft’s Office 365 and the establishment of productivity tools dominating the discussions, with Intranet-as-a-Service offerings popping up at every corner and providing a new light-weighted aggregation and engagement layer on top of the Cloud Office platforms by Microsoft and Google and last but not least with the new hype term “Employee Experience” giving the new strategic foundation for the Digital Workplace initiatives.

With 2019 just around the corner we are not seeing yet any other developments but a further exploitation of this approach. The “Employee Experience” is one key part of the “Digital HR” efforts and the Digital Workplace as trailblazer and enabler for a digital “employee experience” will take a key role in this setting.

Employee Experience as the key strategic focus

As written in our year’s end post on our corporate blog (unfortunately only in German) the striving for experience is guiding the customer and employee behavior. At our i2 SUMMIT in Zurich Angela Asheden from CCS Insight made it clear –  “Employee Experience & Employee Engagement are the two sides of an employee-centric approach” that every company is after.

From the data of the CCS Insight Employee Survey 2018 employees are having “a high degree of dissatisfaction with workplace technology” and thus are not feeling “motivated” and “empowered” to engage. In a recent blog post Angela points out that “over a quarter of employees struggled with knowing which tool to use when, while 21 percent cited an excess of tools as a major challenge at work.”

To support a better “employee experience” is thus an open task many companies still have to accomplish. With a further change of mindset in the HR department towards a more digital thinking – the importance of “employee experience” will even get stronger. Thus Digital Workplace initiatives will be well advised to put the overall user experience into the strategic focus for 2019.

Digital Workplace as Integration & Aggregation Hub for the Cloud-based Productivity _and_ Collaboration Support

In a recent post Dom Nicastro, staff reporter of CMS Wire, summarizes different expert views on the disrupting ideas for the 2019 Digital Workplace with the following aspects: (Source)

  • Getting to the ‘Near Future of Work’
  • From Pleasant Experience to Transformative
  • Looking Toward the Voice of the Employee
  • Team Collaboration Will Become Mainstream
  • Flatter, Fluid, Rapid-Fire Structures
  • An Expanded Digital Workplace
  • When AI Enters the Digital Workplace

For the second aspect Dom quotes James Glasapp, UX researcher at PARC: “We increasingly want products and services that help us learn, transform, grow and evolve,” Glasnapp said. “In essence, we are not just looking for a pleasant experience; we want a transformational one.”

For this we see the key deliverable of the Digital Workplace in the integration and aggregation of information flows and interaction events from productivity tools (office tools, legacy process systems) and the collaboration sphere -for a better support and easier way for “getting things done”. The transformative nature comes into the play when the Digital Workplace is designed to support openness, serendipity and emergence.

With the move into the cloud there is a further standardization for the Digital Workplace strategies that need again a countermovement to support the engagement and experience demands.

Enterprise Digital Workplace SUMMIT with learning & knowledge sharing opportunity

With our Enterprise Digital Workplace SUMMIT we provide another event for the exchange of experiences and lessons learned. With case studies of mBank, Acca, BNP Paribas and The Co-operative Bank the event offers already exciting best-practices from the UK and France and Poland. We are looking forward toward another great discussion on how to drive forward the digital transformation of the organisation.

Last but not least thing to say: Wishing you a beautiful holiday season and a new year of peace and happiness!