Research about Social Networking within the Enterprise

I have read at Mike Gotta about his research in the field of social networking within the enterprise. As we have some cases on this at the upcoming Enterprise 2.0 FORUM I wondered whether there are some more people out there that are interested in bringing together some case studies about this? Martin Koser (frogpond) […]

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Perturbation needed for innovations

I just stumbled upon an interesting research paper of the Harvard Business School (via Collaborative Thinking of Mike Gotta) that discusses the “struggle of balancing the conflicting demands of efficiency and innovation”. While it’s clear that efficiency (in the means of constant or better business results at less or at least constant expenses) and innovations […]

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Good sources of information

Two days ago Simon Wardley published a short list of people you want to know for answers to questions within the field of emerging enterprise technologies – while being very pleased that he mentioned this “very young” information ressource I would like to add some more people to his list: Enterprise 2.0: Sören Stamer of […]

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