Changing Emphasis for Challenge of the Organizations within the Digital Wave

After the Paris edition of the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT the attention has turned to the London event that is promising to become another exciting “learning experience” focusing on the on-going changes for the organization on their way into the digital age. In this post David Terrar, CXO at Agile Elephant and co-production partner for the London event, outlines his thoughts on the agenda and why he sees a shift in emphasis: From theory to practice. From making the case for change to executing the plan.

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Slack, Teams, and the future of the Digital Workplace

Two weeks ago Microsoft jumped in to the cool team chat collaboration space that has been defined by the likes of Slack and Atlassian’s Hipchat, but actually they did much more than that. It’s our belief that the incredible rise of Slack, and Microsoft’s move to provide a new front end entry point to the […]

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