Enterprise Digital SUMMIT supported by IBM, BroadVision & Beezy

Only one week to go until the start of Enterprise Digital SUMMIT 2016 in Paris. We are very much looking forward to this year’s edition with a lot of exciting speakers and new discussions on the future of the organization in the digital age. We are also very grateful for being supported again by a […]

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Haydn Shaughnessy: Digital Transformation needs a thinking in terms of a destination than just the journey!

As published before this year’s Enterprise Digital SUMMIT puts the idea of the platform as future blueprint for the business, operational and technological model of the digital way of organizing the enterprise at the center of the keynote discussions. For this we have invited Haydn Shaughnessy as opening keynote speaker to the future day of the conference in Paris on June 1. In the preparation for the conference we have asked him some questions regarding his talk and his views on the platform ideas as new business as well as operating model for the enterprise.

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Oscar Berg: Need for a holistic grip on the digital work environment!

Dieser Beitrag entstammt aus der Konferenzbroschüre zum IOM SUMMIT 2013. In the preparation of the IOM SUMMIT 2013 we have interviewed Oscar Berg, Strategist & Business Analyst at Avega Group (Sweden) and keynote speaker of the IOM SUMMIT 2013. Oscar is a topic expert in the field of Intranet Management and Enterprise 2.0 (see his […]

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