Enterprise Digital Summit

Will Enterprise 2.0 fail?

What do you think? Is he right? My initial reaction was like “ugh, this is just overly pessimistic”, but it’s an interesting point of view anyway … Enterprise 2.0 will fail because it is based on the illusion of a positive attitude from organization towards change – so wrong — Marc Brandsma (@Tedesign) January 23, […]

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Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT at CeBIT 2008

The Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT is a perfect opportunity to deal with Enterprise 2.0 in depth. This event is a one-day conference at the CeBIT 2008 about “how corporations have to change their informational and organisational structures to be more innovative and competitive for their markets“. With exclusive speakers as well as best-practices included you will […]

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Weblog zur Enterprise 2.0 OPEN is alive!

The Enterprise 2.0 OPEN is a Barcamp-alike event at the upcoming CeBIT 2008. We encourage everybody who is interesting in the topic of Enterprise 2.0 – by means of a more grassrooted organizational approach for enterprise information and process management – to participate in this event. Related posts: Open Space Workshop at the E 2.0 […]

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