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Slack, Teams, and the future of the Digital Workplace

Two weeks ago Microsoft jumped in to the cool team chat collaboration space that has been defined by the likes of Slack and Atlassian’s Hipchat, but actually they did much more than that. It’s our belief that the incredible rise of Slack, and Microsoft’s move to provide a new front end entry point to the […]

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Is the Messaging-as-a-Platform the future of the internal comms & collaboration platform a.k.a. Digital Workplace or Intranet?

After many discussions about the organizational challenges of the digital transformation of work and the enterprise my recent research and musings are very much focussed on the future concepts of the “digital collaboration & working platform”. As said before – we are living in some exciting times with the emergence of some new types of technology concepts that have the power to disrupt and revolutionize – once again or if not yet happened now finally – the technology stack of the digital workplace.

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