Spin Doctoring #E20S in anticipation to the main event

So here we are, 2014. Happy New Year everybody. A short intro then. I’m Rogier Noort, a Dutch guy living in Belgium (joining a German company for a conference in France). My professional tech roots lie in IT. Here I started in network management and worked through website management towards content management and support. I […]

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Expectations for 2014: Stronger Business Alignment + More Profound E2.0 Project Management + Better Understanding of 21st Century Organization

As the new year is still fresh we are happily looking forward to this new year’s evolution in the “social business/enterprise” sphere. And to go with the quote of T.S. Eliot we will also still not argue whether “social business is dead” or still alive – but instead try to proceed with a more distinguished discussion on how to drive the business by the support and enablement of social initiatives.

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Good signs for #e20s 2014 becoming a blast!

As said before the settng up of conference program for the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT (#e20s) is an evolutionary process – like the evolutionary journey to the “Social Enterprise” itself! Starting with a lot of discussions with our peers and contacts we trying to work out what are the most relevant project issues to be discussed. From this starting point we are always trying to find interesting speakers and new as well as relevant case studies to be discussed at the event.

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Enterprise 2.0 Summit is a great place for conversations with real users and experts

We have talked with Tobias Mitter, Social Workplace Consultant at netmedia in Germany, about project challenges, his suggestions and also his expectations for the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris next year. netmedia develops strategies so that companies can benefit from the shift to the social workplace. The award-winning best-practice approach („Social Workplace Methodology“, „Adoption Framework“) […]

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Challenges for the different project types on the way for the Social Enterprise Readiness!

Every year in autumn I have to get my mind clear on what key questions we want to address with the next Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT and – I can tell you – every year it becomes more difficult – especially as the evolution path towards the somewhat “social and collaborative organization” is not as easy as it was thought to be. But as the vision of the conference is to provide assistance for corporate project leads to advance their projects our task for the conference is still to provide answers.

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Social Workplace Adoption and how-to succeed with Social!

One of the key topics at the upcoming E20 Summit 2014 in Paris is the “Social Workplace Adoption”. Besides all the other topics that need to be discussed the social adoption plan is in my opinion the by far most important aspect in this game. In comparison to the other IT systems the value of social […]

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An energetic adoption lead is the key to success for the social adoption!

Last Friday we organized another virtual discussion panel as part of the #e20s ExpertTalk Serie – with a nice group of excellent topic experts. Last week’s session was on the “challenges and recommendations for the social adoption” and included Simon Scullion, Tobias Mitter, Rawn Shah, and Anna van Wassenaer-Golla as experts in the session. Related posts: Thomas […]

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Oscar Berg: Need for a holistic grip on the digital work environment!

Dieser Beitrag entstammt aus der Konferenzbroschüre zum IOM SUMMIT 2013. In the preparation of the IOM SUMMIT 2013 we have interviewed Oscar Berg, Strategist & Business Analyst at Avega Group (Sweden) and keynote speaker of the IOM SUMMIT 2013. Oscar is a topic expert in the field of Intranet Management and Enterprise 2.0 (see his […]

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Re-Awakening to the Enterprise 2.0 Season 2013/2014!

It’s been quiet in our “Enterprise 2.0” universe during the last weeks and months because we have been involved in some still on-going “construction works” around our online premises. The objective was to to tie up our content and event platforms more closely together. Furthermore we were – and still are – preparing for the […]

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