Themenwoche und Blogparade: Social Adoption

In der zweiten Social Business Themenwoche mit Hangouts widmen wir uns dem Thema Social Adoption. Die Einführung von neuen Kommunikations- und Kollaborationsätzen führt zu vielfältigen Herausforderungenen, die wir in der Themenwoche betrachten wollen. Gerade durch die Anwendung von Social Technology können Diskrepanzen zwischen dem Ziel und der gelebten Realität zu Tage treten. Wie sorgen Unternehmen […]

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Hangout zur Themenwoche Future Workplace

In knapp 50 Minuten unterhielten wir uns heute zu siebt in einem Hangout über den Future Workplace. In der Diskussion ging es um die Begrifflichkeit, die Wichtigkeit des Anwenders und Mitarbeiters und der Anwendungsfälle. Für die Akzeptanz eines “neuen” Arbeitsplatzes spielt der Mehrwert für den Mitarbeiter und das Unternehmen eine große Rolle. Die Technik ist […]

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Holacracy: Is this the logical step for the evolution of the organization?

There is quite some buzz about a specific organizational governance approach these days – the “Holacracy” model. This week Zappos announced the implementation of this model and now the expert community is arguing about the pros and cons of the approach. Especially as it is labeled to “replace today’s top-down predict-and-control paradigm with a new way of achieving control by distributing power” the Holacracy model seems to be the organizational approach the social enterprise community is asking for so long. It seems to be somehow a logical next step, but we’re not quite there yet.

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Social Workplace Adoption and how-to succeed with Social!

One of the key topics at the upcoming E20 Summit 2014 in Paris is the “Social Workplace Adoption”. Besides all the other topics that need to be discussed the social adoption plan is in my opinion the by far most important aspect in this game. In comparison to the other IT systems the value of social […]

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An energetic adoption lead is the key to success for the social adoption!

Last Friday we organized another virtual discussion panel as part of the #e20s ExpertTalk Serie – with a nice group of excellent topic experts. Last week’s session was on the “challenges and recommendations for the social adoption” and included Simon Scullion, Tobias Mitter, Rawn Shah, and Anna van Wassenaer-Golla as experts in the session. Related posts: Thomas […]

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Adoption & Engagement Management as Key Excellence Factors for the E20 Project

E20 success depends on systematic adoption & engagement management

As discussed in my post yesterday the call is out there to make the social business transformation happen and it’s time to advance the distinguished discussion on the how to define the right project roadmap for putting the social business model in place. While I am writing quite a lot about the challenges for corporations […]

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CeBIT Social Business Arena Interview-Reihe

E20 Adoption team

Many Enterprise 2.0 projects are implemented by communications or IT department. It was often simply done, because E20 is very close to their field of work and mostly the projects are initiated and driven by one of these departments. A lot of times not even bad, but other departments like HR for example are not […]

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E20 and the diverse reality of its adoption

With the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT only one week ahead I really need to publish my thoughts and perceptions about the status quo of Enterprise 2.0 in Europe and our ideas towards what we want to achieve with this upcoming conference. You might already have read the recent interviews (at Isabel Ayel’s blog or Wissensauslese) about […]

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