Dr. Alexander Stocker

1.) What is your name?

Dr. Alexander Stocker

2.) Who are you and what are you doing?

I am key researcher and project manager at Joanneum Research in Graz/Austria. My research interests are information- and knowledge management, Enterprise 2.0, Web 2.0 and Social Media. Alexander Stocker shares his knowledge on Web 2.0 and enterprises at http://www.alexanderstocker.at

3.) How did you get to the E2.0 topic?

Investigating knowledge transfer and sharing with Wikis and Weblogs in the enterprise was the research topic of my PhD thesis finished in 2010. I have published the results of my theses co-authored by my supervisor Klaus Tochtermann in the German Speaking Book published by Gabler in 2010 “Wissenstransfer mit Wikis und Weblogs. Fallstudien zum erfolgreichen Einsatz von Web 2.0 in Unternehmen”.

4.) What is your understanding of the core concept of the Enterprise 2.0 idea?

Enterprise 2.0 is the adoption of Social Software in the enterprise and between enterprises and other stake holders.

5.) What are the main potentials of the Enterprise 2.0 idea?

Better employee-to-employee communication, facilitated knowledge sharing, and the empowerment of employees.
Many goals of Enterprise 2.0 (as well as its pitfalls) are already known from research in knowledge management and computer supported collaborative work (CSCW).

6.) What are the main challenges, threats and issues of the Enterprise 2.0 idea?

Getting the employees to adopt social software and getting the management to accept/use it, too. Establishing an open and participative culture in the enterprise to become more innovative and flexible.

7.) Please give us three tags that describe your person and work best?

(Social) Networker – Enthusiast – 80:20 type person

8.) Please give us a three links to articles/contributions that describe your views best?

9.) Please give us three names of colleagues that you would refer to as brothers-in-spirit?

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